Fulmina foundation gathers the human understanding and knowledge aiming to the research, teaching and any other situations of emergency which would require the intervention of human resources within these following fields: science, medicine, culture, education, environment, agriculture, social welfare and life.

Fulmina foundation brings together all the human resources in order to develop a common action within a great many evolution fields. The human resources embody the wisdom of the nations, the understanding and knowledge of humanity – towards the importance given to the living, the need for evolution, for human dignity and respect for others. With the understanding that evolution resides in anything that embodies fairness, goodness and truth with the firm will not to violate the high values of the planetary humanism.

Fulmina foundation members attach particular importance to the respect for life, to the right for individual evolution, to existentiality, to the respect for human dignity and for others. Fulmina foundation believes that evolution dwells within the expression of human goodness, of what is well, good, true and fair.

Fulmina foundation gathers all the women and men of good will, should they be writers, poets, workers in any field, craftsmen, scientists, engineers, painters, sculptors, architects, farmers, searchers, musicians, etc… It supports any useful initiative aiming to develop and better the general and professional knowledge. It intends to provide information and reports that could be of some interest for the general knowledge and the awakening of intellectual values on any possible communication medium. The foundation expresses its interfaith and apolitical humanitarian vocation.

Fulmina foundation supports Arts, Letters, Crafts and Science when aiming to fundamental, technical, practical research that maintains general knowledge and the level of individual consciousness, that encourages the progress of societies and nations, the blooming of the concept of “Wellness, Beauty, Goodness, Truth, Justness, Usefulness and Pleasantness” for all.

Fulmina foundation supports the values for universal evolution in order to stimulate emulation within any artistic creation, scientific research, philosophical and metaphysical reflection, meditation on the values of our existence.

Fulmina foundation develops cultural, literary, artistic, scientific and philosophical exchanges in order to promote solidarity between nations and peoples.

Fulmina foundation promotes the exchange of individual and collective human knowledge with the aim of optimising any project accepted by the Institute, in the various fields of Science, Medicine, Culture, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Social Welfare, Life and anything that contributes to the development in respect of our Mother Earth.

Fulmina foundation created an Institute in order to bring together the various human resources for research, teaching, analysis, optimisation of the projects supported by the foundation in the areas of Science, Medicine, Culture, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Social Welfare and Life.