Agriculture: Food, the Physical Basis of Civilization and Progress


Agriculture is the economic activity with the purpose of growing vegetables useful to man, and in particular those intended for eating. In this regard, it seeks to cultivate land and work it profitably, quantitatively and qualitatively, without toxicity and danger to our survival. The vegetable kingdom is fragile and humanity must at all costs avoid all forms of poisoning the earth which is the source of life and nourishment.

It is the set of technical and social practices

It is the set of technical and social practices by which people transform the natural environment to produce plants and raise animals that are useful to them, in the form of family farming or intensive agriculture and respectful breeding of the animal kingdom.

By his observation, man

By his observation, man seeks to replicate what Nature does. Man domesticates a certain number of plants and animal species. He selects breeds of animal and varieties of plants, in order to obtain the desired products. He strives to protect crops and livestock against possible competition and creates favorable conditions for their growth.

Culture in agriculture

Culture in agriculture is the art of working the land, to make it produce abundant plants useful to vital human needs. Agriculture means putting the necessary natural seeds in the ground (non-genetically modified) to germinate by drawing from the soil and the air (carbon dioxide) the nutrients they need to grow. Sunshine and fresh air are also key factors in the growth of plants.

The word “earth”

The word “earth” refers to the solid element on which living beings evolve or the top layer of soil in which the plants are rooted. The soil is the upper surface of earth’s crust developed by human beings. The earth is naturally a mixture of mineral particles mixed with micro-organisms and organic substances, some of which serve to support plants and animals. So, we need to keep it healthy and free of all toxic substances. Fire contributes to purifying the earth, and vegetable ash makes the best, most ecologically healthy fertilizer.

Essentially, man practices

Essentially, man practices agricultural activities with the specific purpose of nourishing himself; that is to say: to eat, to maintain, restore or ensure the growth of his physical form. The alimentation of the human or animal body means providing all essential and natural food (non-organically modified) for his operation and conservation. Food is what maintains, restores and renews the maintenance of the principle of life in any function of the body by providing the necessary substances for its needs.

Agriculture is the basis of all civilization

Agriculture is the basis of all physical civilization and all human society. Human societies are built around rituals of eating and drinking, providing the foundation of the community by sharing the food necessary for the survival of human condition.

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