Social: Harmonious Organization of Society

By the term “social”

By the term “social” we must understand everything about a human community as a whole whose various parts are not distinguished. It refers specifically to the society, that is to say, an association of persons subject to common regulations and gathered for a common activity or for the defense of their interests. That includes literary societies, sporting groups, mutual insurance groups, scholarly societies, corporations, etc…

Society is therefore a group of people

Society is therefore a group of people who put resources in common to share the benefits that may result from their development. Among these people, there exist structured relationships of an administrative nature. It also includes any group of persons interested in a common and fair trade venture. Most commonly, it refers to an association of individuals with whom we live. The marital and associative relationship is the foundation of all human society. Indeed, the man and the woman – with their social alliance named marriage or union – create families and families generate community. We include religious families whose associative union creates a religious community. By extension to the animal kingdom, we speak of animal societies (societies of bees or ants) which are the natural reunion of certain animals or insects living in organized groups. What characterizes all human or even animal societies is the existence of a unifying intelligence.

Intelligence is a factor that promotes

Intelligence is a factor that promotes social life, and therefore pacifism. When it is lacking, instincts are prioritized, or when it is deliberately orientated towards the interests of a group of selfish people, conflict and war are inevitable. Intelligence, spread by idealism (and not by ideology) is the highest faculty of any coordinated, adjusted and harmonized personality. It governs all human relationships and makes possible all agreements, alliances and associations, as well as all unions based on sensitivities, feelings and emotions. It is said, for example, about such and such people, that they live in perfect harmony, that is to say, in perfect agreement. Intelligence favors correspondence and communication between people who are trying get along.

In principle all humans are declared equal

In principle all humans are declared equal. In practice and in fact, social conditions create a great disparity between individuals. The people are very socially unequal and are each relegated to a particular social class. A social class is a group of people who share a common feature, a kind of life, an ideology, and especially a similar economic situation. Political ideology often creates social classes: such as the class of the rich and that of the poor, or the parties of the right and those of the left.

Sometimes, the different social classes

Sometimes, the different social classes have conflicting interests, which is the source of deep inequalities generating opposition, both moral and economic. Because of his birth, his race or his socio-cultural position, each individual has a rank or a position within the social hierarchy. Hierarchy, in human society, involves relations of subordination or submission to an authority that extends to modern forms of slavery. Slavery is the status of any person who does not enjoy civil liberty, who is totally dependent on a master or a state. Every man, according to the principle of human rights, is civically free. But this freedom has only a relative character when man does not have total freedom of expression, entrepreneurship, or association. But isn’t true liberty the liberation of the self, meaning liberation from one’s own primitive instincts?


Slavery exists, more or less subtly, wherever there is a relationship of subordination which lowers and humiliates the person, maintains him in a condition or a lower rank, prevents him from progressing and evolving, reduces him to the status of object or to a reference number, confines him to the exercise of the most degrading tasks, oppresses him morally and economically and takes away his dignity. It is a fact that so far, in the history of civilization, every society – whatever its nature – includes classes based on discrimination, whether or not there is a declared opposition between them. Ignorance is the mother of slavery. Knowledge sets you free.

Social life is also closely connected

Social life is also closely connected to working conditions and involves the idea of improvement. Work is what gives every person his human dignity, his economic freedom, his social worth and recognition by the entire group. Therefore, work is necessary for any individual, as an essential factor of development, progress and development. By a specific occupation, every man adds his stone to the construction of the social construction. Work offers to anyone the necessary means for individual existence and autonomy. Therefore, social life must allow people to obtain decent working conditions, respecting the human being, and making possible the harmonious organization of human societies. This involves the development of life in its most psychological and spiritual aspects, as well as the development of the human intellect. There cannot be any human progress or development of any kind without a general mobilization of all intelligence and without further development of the intellect in relation to the higher principle of intuition.

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