Holistic approach

The Holistic approach requires a more complete knowledge of life, a comprehensive and general analysis of the human body, allowing us to trace back to the origin, the key (vault) of the disorder that initiated the disharmony.

Holistic is therefore not the technique, nor the product neither the only solution, but the approach (the reasoning) used.

Holistic is the consciousness to understand the whole and the overall origin that built the pathology whether physical, emotional or mental and more…

Any application of the art of care outside of this logic is symptomatic.

Holistic also encompasses the quality of the product and the adapted technique allowing us to revive the balance, the energy necessary to restore, reset the good physical, emotional and mental regeneration.

The product or practice used should not only be quantitative (active principle) but also qualitative (energy quality).

Training seminars

General knowledge and training seminars. The training we offer is for anyone who wants to acquire additional knowledge of conventional teaching about the functions of the human body. This comprehensive approach will lead to a better understanding of the multiple reasons for physical, emotional and mental imbalances.

A practice applicable in the family setting or professional clinical setting will be taught for simple and direct use to find the remedy or the care technique.

This holistic practice allows you to quickly and efficiently find the key remedy and immediately verify its effectiveness and vibrational quality for re-alignment.

We will give you historical references, anthropological, ethnological, theosophical, philosophical and other complementary approaches in Homeopathy, Herbal-therapy, spagyria, alchemy, energetic functions of the body, nadis, meridians and any complementary knowledge enabling a broader global consciousness (Holis).

These seminars are planned for 2020 in Switzerland for a period of 4 to 5 days.

If you are interested please ask us for more information and inform us of the most favorable dates for you.

Thank you.

Fulmina Foundation