Rules of the Institute

Interior Declaration of the Board of the Institute

The Board Agrees on the Following Declarations and Conventions:

  • The declaration of the United Nations of January 1, 1942;
  • The Charter of the United Nations signed in San Francisco on 26 June 1945. At the conclusion of the conference of the United Nations for the international organization that came into force on 24 October 1945;
  • The Charter of UNESCO, United Nations Educational science and culture signed in London on November 16th 1945.
  • The statute of the International Court of Justice being an integral part of the Charter of the United Nations;
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10 December 1948, signed in Paris, France;
  • The Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom signed in Rome, Italy, Nov. 4, 1950;
  • The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 18 December 1979;
  • The Convention on the Rights of the Child approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 20 November 1989;
  • The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union signed in Nice, France, December 7, 2000.


In the respect of such principles, Humanity is responsible of Order, Disorder and the equilibrium or the disequilibrium of the planet.

The reality of social, economic and geopolitical phenomena, limit our will of action and enterprise in the creative and ecological humanitarian acts.

Every single thing and every single living being, have their place and their role in the march of the world and the good functioning of the planetary life.

The demands of the socio-economic development, the geopolitical choices, liberalism, the multiple mistakes of humanity, the industrial competition, and many other factors like the abuse of power, brought humans – through successive ages – to generate a planetary organization whose current consequences can lead man on a downward and dangerous slop.

Humanity reduces its vision to a very microscopic universe. However, the planet and its richness are the property of everyone. An interdependence law links unavoidably all beings, all things, all forces and energies of the universe.

The evolution, the progress and growth of man are the result of creative and unified efforts from all. It is in the interest of everyone to manifest a general good will in the sharing of planetary values. It is the responsibility of everyone to act in a mature and responsible manner in accordance with natural laws.

To promote creative momentum, research and teaching, the Institute is concerned with preserving ecological balances, fostering awareness, promoting educational, cultural, artistic, supranational and non-political undertakings, observing the laws of countries, respecting the laws of an international order, and this non-profit and with unlimited duration.

To preserve its own autonomy, the Institute calls on:

  • The declaration of the United Nations of January 1, 1942;
  • The Charter of the United Nations signed in San Francisco on 26 June 1945. At the conclusion of the conference of the United Nations for the international organization that came into force on 24 October 1945;
  • The Charter of UNESCO, United Nations Educational science and culture signed in London on November 16th 1945.
  • The statute of the International Court of Justice being an integral part of the Charter of the United Nations;
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10 December 1948, signed in Paris, France;
  • The Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom signed in Rome, Italy, Nov. 4, 1950;
  • The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 18 December 1979;
  • The Convention on the Rights of the Child approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 20 November 1989;
  • The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union signed in Nice, France, December 7, 2000.

Objectives of the Institute

The Institute intends to express its humanitarian vocation in a unique ecumenical and inter-confessional, supra-national and apolitical. The Board intends to concretize the promotion of moral and material refinement, renew the general human culture, raise the individual consciousness level, encourage the specific progress of the people, of nations and societies, to blossom in everyone the concepts of Beauty, Truth, Good, the Just, the Useful and the Agreeable, the pursuit of a quest of wisdom in relation to the unperishable values, eternal and universals, provoke a healthy emulation in the filed of artistic creation, scientific research, philosophical speculation, metaphysical thinking and mystic meditation.

The Board intends to foster the cultural exchanges, literary, artistic, scientific, philosophical and religious, with the intention to promote fraternity between nations and people.

The Board intends to assemble writers, poets, workers, artisans, scientists, engineers, painters, sculptors, researchers, musicians. It intends to energize any useful initiative linked to the improvement of the general and professional culture. It intends to publish information and notices, susceptible to interest the general level of education and insure the awakening of the planetary civic values by the use of any modern diffusion or communication medium.

The Board intends to fight against all forms of ostracism and planetary injustices, the later being the mother of all violence. It intends to sustain all projects that tend in the direction of our precedent statements, namely, those having an effect on all domains of Science, Medicine, Culture, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Social, Life and all that contributes on the creative blossoming of their protection.

The Board will sustain all humanitarian action in situation of emergency that will necessitate an intervention to fight against poverty, hunger, natural catastrophes or those create by man himself.

For that purpose, the Board intends to reunite talented men and women, motivated by altruistic intentions and showing no personal interest; the Board intends to collect and regroup all thoughtful ideas in all domains of life, in order to realize these projects, including the cinematographic and audiovisual ones.

The Board intends to reunite all necessary funds, governmental and private, and use all its useful financial tools and those of the international system, in conformity with the ethics and the just laws of countries; it intends to act in priority in all urgent planetary situations of the environment, culture, education, agronomy, industry, technology, science, medicine, social life and financial resources.

The seven departments of the Institute (FHR)

Department 1. The Environment

Article 1. Our planet is an admirable complex…

Our planet is an admirable complex of human and non-human habitats, inside a universal space where all is life, and where everything should function in perfect coherence with the true necessities of general evolution, not only the human ones, but also in relation with all different vegetal, mineral and animal reigns, without the beautiful presence and the generous resources without which man could not survive and live. We are this closely interdependent ensemble of existence.

Article 2. By reason of the law of interdependence…

By reason of the law of interdependence of beings and things, we are conscious that what affects one reign, affects equally all the other reigns of existence, and that what touches one man is also the affair of all men. Thus, the Board is called to more wisdom, and our vigilance, our lucidity, our responsibility and our actions are called to attention, by showing proof of ethical responsibility in the universal sense, in order to preserve, protect and focalize the human conscience towards what is essential at the center of our planetary habitats.

Article 3. Man cannot grow in force and wisdom…

Man cannot grow in force and wisdom, in love and in light within the universal complex only if he acquires the conscience of his global responsibility, the understanding and knowledge of the subtle structures of his vast cosmic environment, and in any event, if he manifests all his respect for Nature that is constituted of all its energies and forces, most of them still unknown to him and of which he is surrounded by, provide him with life and become an inexhaustible source of inspiration, dream and happiness.

Article 4. The safekeeping of the environment…

The safekeeping of the planetary environment is a “sine qua non” condition of all the actions undertaken by the Board. The actual conditions of the planetary life in this 21st Century should all constitute a matter of concerns to everyone: climatic disorder, general deforestation and desertification and natural catastrophes, air pollution, poisoning of the earth and waters, non access to potable water for an increasing portion of the populations, depletion and abusive exploitation of the resources of the planet, genetic manipulation, in short…general planetary disorders and disequilibrium.

Article 5. By our humanitarian action…

By our humanitarian action we would like to promote a reconsideration of Nature and of all its values, that are the heritage of all humans. Water, the air, the earth belongs to all mankind who will be kept responsible of the future. We must act in such a way that, by our present actions, future generations still will find at their disposition the necessary resources to their existence and must be capable in turn, to level-off the consequences of the contemporaneous human errors.

Article 6. Throughout the realization and the concrete formation…

Throughout the realization and the concrete formation of numerous projects, the Board intends to engage in the creation of respect, the protection and the renewal of Nature and all the principles of the Living. Men, by the awakening of a wider conscience, must abstain from becoming the unconscious accomplices of all the actions susceptible to destroy the environment and the biodiversity of which it is constituted, to exhaust the natural resources, and to engage in hasty, thoughtless scandalous exploitation of the vital resources of the earth.

Article 7. It is our responsibility to demonstrate…

It is our responsibility to demonstrate not only our ethical lucidity, but yet again of a universal sense of duty, in order to insure the ecological equilibriums, in such a period of history where the economico-industrial forces push the individuals into an unchecked competition that becomes an impediment to their happiness.

Article 8. Around 2030, it is almost a sure thing…

Around 2030, it is almost a sure thing that 80% of Nature will be susceptible to have suffered of the devastating effects and the destructive consequences of the present human activity, if mankind does not urgently do anything thing to change its course.

Department 2. Culture and Education

Article 1. Education and Culture are the bases…

Education and Culture are the bases of the evolution of Conscience, of the socialization of the human individualities. They are the principal tools that forge peace amongst nations and constitute a pledge for dialogue that lead to exchange and understanding of oneself and the rest of the world.

Article 2. Education is one of the great constructive forces…

Education is one of the great constructive forces of humanity. Culture is the identity of its memory, the heritage of all knowledge and of all of humans experiences throughout the ages. The loss of our history and or of the international and national cultures of the people, constitutes a humanitarian catastrophe and reduces man to a primitive condition.

Article 3. Education and culture bestows each human…

Education and culture bestows each human his true dignity and makes him confident to face the vicissitudes of the existence. They constitute the inventivity factor, the sane productivity, and guarantees work for all. The evolution of human societies depends on them. Their elaboration and existence have to represent the expression of the fundamental liberties of human nature. They have to be made available and affordable to every single individual.

Article 4. At the date of writing of this rules

At the time of writing of this rules, tens of millions of children in the world do not have access to school; more than half of them are girls; 26% of them do not terminate the 6 basic years of formation; 1 billion of adults are illiterate; 250 millions children from 5 to 17 years old in the world are exacted to work, of whom 500,000 are children soldiers, 9 to 10 millions are submitted to slavery, more than 2 millions to prostitution; 90% of domestic slaves are young girls from 12 to 17 years old, etc.

Article 5. In the face of this deplorable constat…

In the face of this deplorable constat largely under-estimated for years to come, the Board intends to undertake imperatively specific actions that will bear on the following points:

  • To protect any historical patrimony
  • Sustain new educational systems
  • Bring resources to the development of education
  • Contribute to the suppression of any form of social inequalities, racial and cultural, and of any form of discrimination between the sexes regarding education in the professional world.
  • Privilege the respect of the rights of childhood and the application of all international rights of the child.
  • Protect maternity, and insure the security of pregnant women by improving a higher level of comfort for the family life.
  • Respect the national and popular cultures by insuring them a full and free expression.

Article 6. For the execution of humanitarian projects.

For the execution of humanitarian projects, we will exercise every possible effort in order to sustain, everywhere there is a form of urgency in the world, the fundamental principle of ACCESS to Education and Culture and the free expression by all men and women of good will.

Article 7. The Board estimates that the whole humanity must be engaged…

The Board estimates that the whole humanity must be engaged in the race to perfection, and hence it flows that Education and Culture are but an evidence of the Integral Human, a fundamental request for the growth of people and civilizations, in order to install on earth an era of fraternity and durable peace.

Department 3. The Agro-nutritional

Article 1. Since the beginning of time, our planet holds in its belly…

Since the beginning of time, our planet holds in its belly abundant vital resources, necessary for the maintenance, the blossoming and the spiritual evolution of the human condition. Everything nature offers to humanity if offered in abundance.

Article 2. Globalization has revealed the fundamental egocentrism…

Globalization has revealed the fundamental egocentrism of humans, notably of industrialized countries, that are controlled by the dark powers of large financial empires. Globalization imposes to societies a lifestyle, problematic choices of economic developments, where the economico-industrial disparities create monopolies and multinational dominations on the modes of consumption and production, the net effect being to deepen even more the injustices and the agro-nutritional crisis at the planetary level. The crises are artificially generated as a direct connection with those who are hoarding in favor of financial and economic empires.

Article 3. Moreover, the abusive extreme exploitation of the world resources…

Moreover, the abusive extreme exploitation of the world resources, the control of the seeds and of the chemical industries and pharmaco-dynamics, the biogenetic and dubious nutritional qualities of the food are sinking humanity, already in an over population problem and runaway demography, into a planetary agro-nutritional crisis without any precedent that accentuates the energetic and ecological disequilibrium.

Article 4. On this matter, the Board intends to bring to fruition…

On this matter, the Board intends to bring to fruition projects that take into account a sustainable development of the bioethics, designed to bring humans some help in teaching them how to increase their long term capability to feed themselves in a heathy and equilibrated manner, to learn how to farm, produce and consume and exploit with equilibrium, weighting, harmony, the nutritional goods and safeguard and maintain the nutritional and natural immunity equilibriums.

Article 5. The purpose is to allow people…

The purpose is to allow people to have access to non genetically modified seeds, patrimony of their culture, and to the production tools needed to exercise a sane agriculture. The purpose is to insure people a pacific and durable management of the fundamentals in the domains of nutrition all over the world, and to provide these people a nutritional independence. The purpose is to judiciously inform the people on the dangers that represent, for them and their ecosystems, all genetic modifications that do not respect the equilibriums in the vegetal and animal reigns as well as the use of chemical substances, rays and waves that are susceptible to provoke gene alterations that form the identity and the specificity of the human species, of the animal and vegetal reign.

Article 6. Agriculture has the noble mission…

Agriculture has the noble mission to insure vegetal growth, the maintenance and restauration of animal and human forms, in a spirit of joy and sharing, that improves the spiritual quest of humanity, its equilibrium and longevity.

Department 4. Industry and Technology

Article 1. The economic poverty…

The economic poverty, that insures the social exclusion of individuals, constitutes – in all societies – an insult to human dignity, a scandal and above all a crime against humanity, and therefore a total denegation of the Human Rights Declaration. Despite the technological prowess and the great hopes generated by the overuse of machine automation and computer science in the last decades of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century, globalization and economic liberalism did nothing but aggravate the poverty level of the already poor people and carry social disparities such as it has never been seen in the History of Humanity. This constitutes a state of SHAME for mankind as a whole and in general is an insult to life in particular.

Article 2. Far from having eliminated the big problems…

Certain pretend to conquer space and colonize other planets of our solar system and we are not yet capable of eliminating human misery. We have to ask ourselves: WHY? The Board is asking this question and already knows the answer. To those who pretend not being able to know the solutions to this problem, the members of Board answer to them that they know and as a consequence they will actively engage into the beginning of an action against the criminal financial activism. Far from having suppressed the great evil that covered the roads of human history, the arrival of new technologies allowed for the emergence of greater evils the nature of which are susceptible to frighten and terrorize the human race. As for the small evils, they persisted and even intensified. In the era of performances in world communications, societies and individuals have experienced isolation and solitude: the capital world divided humanity and enlarged the pit separating the class of the privilege rich and those poor and deprived. Nobody should forget that the end is the same for everyone, rich and poor. Future generations will request a rendering of accounts from those who are at the origin of the planetary spoofing (fraud) perpetrated as a giant theft of the world vital resources. Hence, the crushing social differences between those who have everything and those who have nothing. Hence, the appearance of new forms of poverty and modern slavery. Hence, the relocation of enterprises for no other reasons than mercantilism. Hence, unequal access to work and sharing of wealth. Hence, child labor. Hence the growing profound disparity between rich and poor countries. Hence, the augmentation of the world delinquency, piracy and terrorism. Hence, the evasion of a great number of individuals into artificial paradise generated by the use of drugs, alcohol and other toxic substances, encouraged by the “dark forces of power”.

Article 3. The success of human genius…

The success of human genius did not follow the evolution of the ethical and spiritual conscience. Hence, recrudescence of the number of suicides and mental alienation all over the technical planet. The overall control over technical industries by the big finance groups only aggravated psychological misery of the people who have been denied their sovereignty and their rights to auto determination.

In the spirit of the Board, we MUST as a consequence:

Article 4. Apply a life philosophy….

Apply a life philosophy based on the “live and let live” in conformity with the altruism and the law of mutual service, the equitable exchange and sharing, relations based on pacifism and mutual understanding, the suppression of tests of strength of all kinds, the mutual respect of individuals, the intelligent behavior of the human genre.

Article 5. Conform man in its own environment…

Conform man in its own environment and adapt his life habits by the establishment of a local craftsmanship, ancestral production, equitable and proximity commercial exchange.

Article 6. Adapt the general technology…

Adapt the general technology, the non polluting new forms of energy, industrial engineering, to the vital and fundamental needs of the local populations.

Article 7. Integrate the local population…

Integrate the local population in all the evolutive and innovative projects where the population is part of; have the population participate in restauration projects in which it is directly concerned; provide the population noble reasons to exist and live, by avoiding any kind of social, educational, cultural, professional or social exclusion. Insure work for everyone and collective solidarity in order to eliminate mendacity making it a bad nightmare.

Article 8. Leaning on the different charters…

Leaning on the different charters, declarations and universal or international conventions (see page 1) the Board is asking for the support even from the political forces, state and techno-industrials, from all actors and decision makers of the world.

Article 9. The support from finance world

We are soliciting without any pre conditions, the support from the international finance, the support from all dignitaries from any confession they belong. It is in the the interest of financial empires to support our humanitarian projects because we are sailing on the oceans of existence on this same boat that we call EARTH.

Article 10. As a function of already engaged financial resources

As a function of already engaged financial resources, the Board will watch and stand by, to insure that the consequences of each project entered into by Fulmina Human Resources Foundation, be beneficial and be put to the service of the well being, the development and the evolution of “altruistic” societies, and do not become to the service of dubious causes that eventually alter the conscience and human intelligence for the profit of egoistic and scandalous projects.

Department 5. Science and Medicine

Article 1. The will of the Board is to concretize…

The will of the Board is to concretize actively the projects that they are engaged with. True to their ideal and to the statutes of the Fulmina Foundation (FHR), the members of the Board commit to respect life and human dignity.

Article 2. The Board wants to initiate a dynamism…

The Board wants to initiate a dynamism that will assemble scientific, literary, philosophical, metaphysical thinking, according to an ideal of respect and conscience of the universal evolution and according to the scientific needs of the researchers, creators, innovators, philosophers, inventors, self-taught technicians, of all and any altruistic person, philanthropist, decided to actively work in the pursuit of these same humanitarian objectives.

Article 3. The Board will coordinate all different disciplines…

The Board will coordinate all different disciplines of science and medicine, synthesize and supervise the results of the global research in order to teach and apply them.

Article 4. The Board works so that the essential remedies…

The Board works so that the essential remedies, medications, basic generics, be accessible to all at affordable prices. But most important the Board is oriented toward the prevention of illness.

Article 5. The board federates and establish a free partnership…

The board federates and establish a free partnership, solid and private, with the researchers in bio-medicine, natural science, vegetal and marine biology’s, inter-disciplinary sciences, etc., for fundamental research or a direct application directed for the realization of a humanitarian project.

Article 6. Along with rapid progress in genetics…

Along with rapid progress in genetics, the pharmaceutical industry is living a true revolution. The new medications or remedies are for the most part, issued from development in biotechnology that require a particular non-toxic ethic and long term respect of the human identity of of its immunity (animal and vegetal), as much physical than psychological. The large international groups did not adapt to the needs of the deprived populations of our planet and the later are desirous to safeguard and protect their ancestral and affordable medications.

Article 7. Conscious of this reality in the new world order…

Conscious of this reality that is initiating new lifestyles in the new world order, the Board intends to work prudently but with determination and efficiency, so that – in the spirit of an irreproachable ethic –we will arrive at helping humanity to find back its natural immunity and sets of defenses, while continuing to have access to medical help, but also enjoy a healthy life, source of joy and happiness, adequately tuned to a world in full evolution and caring about its future, knowing that health is a trap without the development of a “saintly and sanely” spirit.

Department 6. Social Life

Article 1. We humans, are responsible…

We humans, are responsible of many problems that are consecutives to the multiple dis-equilibrating disorders of our life and the life of our planet. Human life on the social order is exactly what we make of it. The social tissue is threaded via a myriad of threads more or less subtle, constituted by the human relations mix with the cosmos, the universe, the planet, nature, humans, the reigns of nature, sciences, technologies, the planetary economy, geopolitics, etc. Man expresses his natural genius, his desires, his hopes, his expectations, his beliefs, his dreams. By education, culture, the know how being transformed into knowledge and the later into wisdom, humanity has the power to transmute the social tissue in its entirety. We evolve and we construct by the threading itself, multiple and complex links inter-cultural in nature, inter-social and inter-dependent.

Article 2. It is therefore our task to engage ourselves…

It is therefore our task to engage ourselves in reasonable projects in order to improve the life conditions of our societies and to rehabilitate mankind in what he has the most essential, i.e., live in peace and happiness with all and everyone for the personal evolution.

Article 3. The Board intends to fight against…

  • Malnutrition
  • Inaccessibility to potable water, sanitary installations and comfortable housing
  • Inaccessibility to the health care systems
  • Inaccessibility to free education systems, without sexual or racial discrimination
  • Illiteracy and analphabetism
  • Enslavering and abuse of women, men, elders, children and of course of animals
  • Modern and subtle forms of slavery
  • Children work
  • Different forms of exploitation and traffic of humans, children and adults
  • Different afflictions that affect the environment.
  • Social pauperism and individual poverty
  • The absence of equitable and sustainable development affecting sanity of life
  • Racial, cultural, religious, political and professional discrimination
  • The non respect of the Human Rights worldwide
  • The safeguard of any literary and cultural patrimony

Article 4. All human beings deserve Respect…

All human beings deserve Respect in their socio-cultural diversity, inter-confessional and philosophical. No nation, no ethnic, cultural or religious minority, no culture, must ever be the object of any kind of social exclusion. All must and can participate to the collective life of nations, each bringing his/her contribution to the general evolution of the planetary conscience. Nobody can be kept away from the benefits, rights and duties implied in any development towards progress. Fundamental principles of ethics and social justice, apply unconditionally to everyone, majority or minority, strong or weak, rich or poor, laborer or learned person.

Article 5. The Institute and Fulmina Foundation (FHR)

The Institute and Fulmina Foundation Institute, based on the principle of non-intervention (principle of harmlessness) namely the incapacity to cause harm to anyone, including the vegetal and the animal reign, intends to contribute to the improvement of human life in general and drive the conditions of human existence towards more equilibrium and serenity.

Depart 7. Financing

To operate and finance its projects, Fulmina Foundation and its Institute benefit from the contribution of:

Article 1. Own Funds

  • Contributions of funds, financial and/or assets from its members and collaborators, and from private or governmental organizations.

Article 2. External Funds

  • Allocations of private funds
  • Inflow of funds or assets from private participants whose profits are attributed to the realization of specific projects or contractual projects
  • Partners implicated in projects
  • Patronage

Article 3. To ensure the proper management…

To ensure the proper management of the capital allocated to Fulmina Foundation and its Institute, the Board of Fulmina Foundation relies on a financial strategy and an effective control of the banking techniques for managing the financial assets of the institutional system.

Article 4. Fulmina Foundation and its Institute …

Fulmina Foundation and its Institute is as a whole a private organization acting freely in compliance with international agreements.

Article 5. The objectives and the projects must stay free…

The objectives and the projects must stay free in the execution and the concrete realization of their actions.

Article 6. Fulmina Foundation and the Institute …

Fulmina Foundation and its Institute are both private and legal structures of an international character, in perfect agreement with the International Court of The Hague.

Article 7. Fulmina Foundation and the Institute …

Fulmina Foundation and the Institute are therefore referenced in the institutions listed on page 4: basis of the Fulmina Foundation declaration.


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