Teaching: We offer classes, lectures and teachings on in various disciplines of natural alternative medicine, including anthroposophy, phytotherapy, spagyria, homeopathy, iatrochemistry, osteopathy, and energy medicine. Our experienced instructors are masters in their respective fields, drawing from the rich traditions of these practices. We also provide teachings in Alchemy, Yoga, and Martial Arts, specifically Tai Chi combat, Tai Chi Qi Gong, and Kungfu, which are imparted by esteemed Asian masters.

Conference: Join us for engaging conferences on a range of captivating topics that delve into the history of humanity, “forbidden” archaeology, anthropology, alchemy, biodynamic agriculture, advanced technologies, and other subjects that complement traditional and conventional teachings. Our conferences offer insightful explorations led by experts in their fields, expanding our understanding of diverse subjects beyond the mainstream.

Events: We organize a variety of enriching events such as symposia, seminars, concerts, and educational trips. These gatherings provide opportunities for learning, networking, and personal growth. Our symposia and seminars cover a wide array of subjects, bringing together knowledgeable speakers and passionate participants. We also organize concerts featuring inspiring music, and educational trips that offer hands-on experiences and cultural immersion.

Sacred Geometry

Topics of conferences and training meetings. Work in fundamental areas Research and development Sacred geometry Wind energy (development, experimental and mass production). Propulsion engine of aircraft, hydroelectric power, and powerful compressor units. Sacred geometry and its practical application. Special optical

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Seminars on Health

Holistic approach The Holistic approach requires a more complete knowledge of life, a comprehensive and general analysis of the human body, allowing us to trace back to the origin, the key (vault) of the disorder that initiated the disharmony. Holistic

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