Dr. Robert Abraham Hallowitz, MD

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The following is a list of my best accomplishments:

  1. AT age 12 I began research into microbial genetics with a study named Selection, Adaptation and Mutation in Serratia marsesens which was under supervision of Dr. Robert Guthrie. This work contributed to the identification of the method of detecting Phenylketonuria, a cause of mental retardation completely prevented by avoiding all phenylalanine containing foods.
  2. At age 18 I worked with the inventors of Nuclear Medicine (Al Bender and Monte Blau) at the Roswell Park Memorial Cancer Institute. I was asked to create an organic synthesis of a pancreatic localizing agent. I successfully synthesized parafluorophenylalanine with Gamma emitter F19. I believe that is still used today to scan for pancreatic abnormalities.
  3. At age 23 I was permitted to create my own electrophysiology lab at U of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in which I studied and published Single unit recordings of cells responsive to olfactory nerve stimulation. In this effort I created a means to keep Sunfish (Macrokiris gibossess) alive, awake and motionless and the stimulating and single unit recording electrodes were my invention.
  4. Upon finishing one year of neurology residency I joined the Commissioned Officer Reserve attached to the Navy where I was assigned to Dr. Paul MacLean considered father of the limbic system. There I did neurosurgery on Squirrel monkeys to implant a chronic stimulating electrode in the foramen leading the vagus nerve into the skull and explored and proved direct and indirect visceral afferent projections to medial thalamic nuclei and then to limbic cortical and subcortical structures
  5. Based upon the results of #4 above, along with work I did informally with Bruce McKewen (sp) at Rockefeller University Med School and John Calhoun at MacLean’s Lab of Brain evolution and Behavior, at age 24 I predicted and understood the convergence of input to the limbic system from cerebral cortex, thalamus, orbitofrontal cortex, cingulate and subcingulate gyri, and as a result of observed increased population density, shrinking of personal space, increased stress affecting the hormonal influences of both appetite and type of food selected, lifestyle changes with increased stress, I was able to predict describe the evolution of what eventually would be recognized as Chronic Fatigue and Immune dysfunction syndrome. I also realized the convergence of multiple contributing causal factors and how to individualize evaluation and treatment of this remarkably complex new disease phenomenon as early as 1975. I became internationally recognized as an authority in this illness.
  6. I was befriended by the now late Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island in 1978, who was the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time. We created a precedent setting format for continuing med educations in which both providers and patients come to the same venue at the same time. This in 1988, October was called the First Annual Governor’s Conference on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Active Epstein Barr Virus, and Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. In addition, while with Senator Pell during the Cold War, I was recruited to investigate issues of National Security with CMDR C. Scott Jones, Special Assistant to Pell (US Navy Aviator and fifteen years as Naval Intelligence Operative. The investigation concerned determining the mechanisms and prevalence of mind control attacks. My determinations were valuable to counteract the ELF carrier waves which were creating the problem. The concern of course was the targeting of key decision makers in government and military.
  7. I was successful in teaching people to manage their Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 92% of my patient population sufficient enough to return to normal life functions. I unwittingly became well known internationally and ultimately became a target of the establishment.

Now for my purpose in life:

I have come to earth in this lifetime to help preserve our precious planet and elevate the human condition. I have been working to build the team that can truly make a difference for forty years. That is the reason I became an Academician of Fulmina Human Resources Foundation.

  • I have garnered a team of experts in the various pertinent fields to create a network of interdependent Oases for implementing and developing advanced technologies utilizing principles of post-Einstein Physics in fields from medicine to agriculture, to oxygen production, to cleaning the oceans from plastics contamination and radioactivity, to alternative energy systems, alternative propulsion systems, advanced medical interventions from loading oxygen at the cellular level, frequency production for specific pathogens and cancer, agricultural methods to maximize production and quality for year round food production regardless of climate, and more.

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