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Born in 1957, he pursued his studies in France. Mostly interested in botanics, history, philosophies and religions. He is Antinomic, blessed with, at the same time, an analytical and a scientific mind.

At the age of 24 he entered the “sacerdotal” medical path: frustrated by his results, due to a lack of knowledge, according to him, he longed for a therapeutic art, holistic and respectful. He defines a fast and reliable diagnosis technique, physical as well as emotional and mental: he then starts to create his own remedies.

Aged 27, he starts to teach a corpus of “common denominator” understandings, a sum of knowledge, the results of the encounters and exchanges with various initiates who accepted to trust him with their expertise.

Bruno will then stop to consult as a practitioner, to teach and pursue the art of the laboratory at the age of 40y.o. He’ll start to travel around the world to increase his knowledge, more specifically in Asia.
He’ll walk back up to the Source, he’ll follow a breadcrumb trail and this difficult path will lead him to multiple revelations. He’ll lift the veil on certain mysteries, which will comfort him in the choice of path he’d made before and his will to try and apply, against his difficult temper, a way of life based on Beauty, Goodness, Truth, Justice and Enjoyment.

His aim is to bring together within a human resources foundation: women and men who, in this world share the same wishes and the same hopes.

All of us have something to do, to realize, we all have qualities, we all have passions to share or to learn and our target, for all, on this Mother Earth shall be to try and evolve so that we are all in peace.

Life Course of Bruno Sébire, President

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