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Fulmina Human Resources Foundation

Member of the Academy of the Foundation

An educator, first woman executive in a USA aerospace company, spokesperson for the late Dr. Wernher von Braun, space and missile defense/security consultant/strategist.

International speaker, author, consultant on Space Age technology development projects, future manufacturing technology forecasting, consultant for sustainable living on earth and in space.

She advises decision makers and others about applications of technology and information services for human needs, environment, new energy, peace & security, health & prosperity for all on earth and in space.

Coordinator of special dignitary projects with Treaty support team to ban all space-based weapons.

Engage the transition from the war to peaceful space industry R&D, manufacturing, development, deployment for exploration and living and working in space for the benefits and opportunities to all on earth and in space.

Author of three forthcoming books (one soon co-authored with the late Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell)


Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space

Treaty Team colleagues: Late Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell; Commander Will Miller, US Navy (Ret.) Advisor to White House/DOD/Pentagon/Space Command; Abe Krieger, 37 year Boeing aerospace executive/International Space Station, Lunar Orbiter; Commander US Navy (ret) Dr. C.B. Scott Jones, military/intelligence and Senior Advisor to Senator Claiborne Pell/Senate. * Joining Treaty Team: new Team members include: Dr. James Hurtak … more…

Treaty draft posted on

… to ban all space-BASED weapons, prevent the weaponization of space, transform the war industry and help evolve/raise consciousness to a higher frequency and to apply Space Age technology to all issues of concern including environmental cleanup and protection, health, education, an end to poverty.

The adjustment to earth and climate changes,

and to peaceful protocols to communicate with the cosmic cultures as we find solutions to urgent problems and find out who we really are1,2.

Carol is a visionary, an educator, first woman executive in aerospace industry, Corporate Manager of Fairchild Industries and spokesperson for the late Dr. Wernher von Braun, space & missile defense consultant, helped start the movement to prevent the weaponization of space (space-BASED weapons), testified before US House, Senate and the President Commission on Space, briefs dignitaries/officials, educations, university, military and corporate audiences, initiates unique projects and speaks internationally about opportunities, benefits regarding a ban on all space-based weapons.

Open to truths, facts, and information about and from cosmic cultures, on transforming the war industry and mindset to stimulate a new space age peace & security system with stimulated economic systems of civil, commercial, military and entrepreneurial Space Age innovative sustainable feasible and necessary exciting innovations for new ways of living on earth.

With creative world cooperative space projects including for galactic education that makes it possible to transform education for new jobs and training programs.

Breakthrough technologies, new products and services to apply to solving urgent problems.

New integrated programs on energy, and new security/defense/economic programs for local, national and world interests in a state of world cooperation that will open new doors to cooperation on earth issues and business and in space in a higher frequency of consciousness with understandings of all cultures on earth including preparation to understand Other Cultures, to share information about how humanity can survive on earth and in universes in sustainable healthy happy environments in peace with love on the garden water earth planet.

  • Managed set up of via satellite educational programs for 5000 villages in India via the ATS-6, the Application Technology Satellite 6, the largest satellite in existence at that time in early 1974.

  • Helped set up the first two-way audio/visual satellite communication systems in over 20 countries. Managed two-way satellite educational program development in Appalachia, Rocky Mountains, Washington state, Alaska, US Veteran hospitals for doctor and nurse training programs via satellite.

  • Former Vice President Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, the third largest chamber in US. at that time, with nine local chambers in it. Created many youth projects including the first industry-education Adopt-A-School program, award winning Spaceship Earth world and space view educational /teaching /curriculum/ activity unit.

  • With the late Dr. Wernher von Braun, visionary and “US father of rocketry,” created the award-winning “It’s Your Turn…” educational program (won Science Teachers Gold Metal, Aerospace Education and Aviation Writers Awards).

  • To motivate and educate youth, women and minorities in training programs for jobs and career opportunities in science and technology related fields with focus on solving urgent and potential local through world problems of human needs, environment, security, energy, for clean and safe water-land-air and for health, education, poverty and illness/starvation elimination, for new marketplaces with stimulated economies and world cooperative security systems to be built after the ban of all space-based weapons is signed that will replace enemy/war-based industries & mindsets.

  • Spokesperson for the late rocket scientist Dr. Wernher von Braun, presenting his peace on earth and in space vision for local through global uses and applications of Space Age technology and information applied directly to solving urgent and potential challenges, the environment, and new energy as humans evolve and learn from living, working, touring and traveling together in space. Representing von Braun, Rosin’s first speech was to 18,000 people at a National Education Association 1974 conference, demonstrating LIVE how satellites can be used as teaching/educational tools worldwide.

  • Founder, Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, ISCOS, 1983-Present. The original Board included Honorary Chairman, Sir Arthur C. Clarke; Advisory Board Chairman Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Issac Assimov; Dr. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller; Attorney Daniel Sheehan; Dr. Rashmi Mayur; and many others experts.

  • Brought over 100 people to the 1982 UN Second Special Session on the Peaceful Uses and Exploration of Outer Space for no space-based weapons.

  • Advisor to the New Energy Movement to encourage the research and development of new clean and safe alternative energy sources/ innovations/ breakthroughs via project development and management in various countries.

  • American Scholar and Honorary Consultant for the China Economic Research Institute.

  • Consulted to China satellite applications / Promoted China-Russia proposed treaty to ban space weapons for years…

  • Witness in the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club, May, 2001.

  • Advisor to the Exopolitics Institute.

  • Started the global movement to prevent the weaponization of space, to Stop Star Wars, the Leaky Umbrella Campaign, the Campaign to Save Outer Space (SOS Campaign), which some estimate to have involved over 50 million people.

  • Appeared on numerous speaking platforms and media productions, sometimes with members of the military industrial government intelligence government complex, debating from Generals to corporate executives, discussing politically, economically, technologically, socially, spiritually, psychologically feasible alternative technology programs that can replace dangerous, too costly, polluting, destabilizing planned space-based weapons programs with international cooperative ventures, information and technology application for sharing programs to R&D sustainable, peaceful, healthy, happy living on earth and in space with our neighbors on earth and in space.

  • Traveled to Russia numerous times to discuss a ban on all space-based weapons and encourage joint ventures. Brought the first list of proposed joint international space ventures from the USSR experts to the USA…accomplished!

  • Initiated the first USSR-USA military-to-military meeting. Initiated the first trip of the first NINE US Senators to the USSR. Initiated idea for the first joint astronaut-cosmonaut meeting in the USSR.

  • Consultant and/or speaker to numerous organizations, industries, military/ defense/intelligence and government agencies including to TRW on the Time Management Money system for the Space Shuttle and the MX missile, weather satellites, and to IBM Europe, Walt Disney Productions on the creation of Space and Future Worlds at Disneyworld, General Electric, World Future Society, National Space Institute, Central Intelligence Agency, the US Space Foundation, the US Space Command and to many international audiences.

  • Testified before the US Senate Arms Services Committee, the Congressional House Ways and Means Committee, and the US President’s Commission on Space.

  • Space and Conversion Advisor to Candidate for President Reverend Jesse Jackson who introduced Rosin’s Space Development Initiative, SDI, to replace the Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI.

  • Advised and briefed presidential candidates, members of Congress, and other national and international dignitaries.

  • Initiated the first legislation to stop anti-satellite (ASAT) testing with Congressman Les AuCoin, created the first legislation to ban all space-based weapons with Congressman Joe Moakley and Sen. Tom Harkin, and initiated the first bill that had a companion Treaty to ban space-based weapons with Congressional representatives and announced by the Honorable Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense, in Canada.

  • Keynote speaker at numerous international events and conferences including the California Democratic Convention, IBM Europe speaking tour, International Astronautical Federation Congress, and many keynotes about Space Age technology R&D, technology applications and transfer, economics and market visions for new products and services, education, job and career training in sustainable living and clean and safe environment with new health and energy systems, future manufacturing technology forecasts for eliminating poverty and disease and for enhancing global education with respect for cultures and local situations, data sharing, supporting business/entrepreneur ventures, and building creative collaborative and cooperative security and defense.

  • Among awards received is the United Societies in Space award for 30 Years of Humanitarian Work for the Peaceful Uses of Space for Peace on Earth.

  • Co-author with Dr. Charles Sheffield the original book, SPACE CAREERS. Author/co-author of three forthcoming books.

  • Former owner of a World Travel Awards winning international hotel, natural spa, organic restaurant, horse sanctuary, and conference center.

  • Doctorate of Humanities awarded for humanitarian and developing country work by Archbishop Soloman Gbedabo, Nigeria, Africa, Orthodox College.

  • Initiates and manages special projects to provide an abundance of benefits and opportunities for all sacred life in all cultures, communities, businesses, institutions, governments, for healthy sustainable lives and environments, for happy, prosperous futures with healings, compassion and adventure, art and music, for Peace and Love on Earth and in Space.

  • Time urgent to get the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space signed and ratified into law, the key that will open the doors to pivot away from war, suffering and destruction, and into real peace and all that goes with it, on earth and in space, including the time for the truth to emerge about who we really are via the reality of Cosmic Cultures. Von Braun’s Legacy … Interview with Dr. Carol Rosin

Carol Rosin, Disclosure Project Testimony:


Contact to request an updated draft copy of The Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space (posted on which is being updated & revised) .

1 Contact for updated Treaty and information.

2 Working to encourage all world leaders to not be first to place weapons in space, to encourage Russia & China leaders to Champion the Treaty signing: to invite all world leaders to sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, IMMEDIATELY, and to transform the Complex so peace will prevail as real steps and agreements are made to open to peace on earth and official contact with off planet cultures.

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