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Born in 1961. At school he showed a strong inclination toward physics and mathematics. He received a higher technical education in the field of communications. During his professional activity, he focused on increasing knowledge and improving his professional skills. To keep abreast of the latest world achievements in the field of scientific research and technology he studied foreign languages. To gain knowledge about the processes of business management and research activities he received several higher educations in Russia and America.

All this helped him to organize his own successful business, which made it possible to create a creative team of like-minded people and implement his ideas.

Meetings with carriers of the highest spiritual consciousness turned his inner world upside down and awakened an insatiable desire to find answers to questions that, like a curtain, closed the usual path of life.

To open his mind and get closer to the truth, for fifteen years, he visited the Shaolin Monastery every year, where he conducted deep meditations and monthly fasts. In search of enlightenment, he walked around Mount Kailas, visited Macho Picchu, the Temple of the Sun on Lake Titicaca, Altai, and other energy places of the planet.

This road made consciousness clear and, due to the revealed beauty and uniqueness of the universe, showed the greatness of the Creator.

An open consciousness showed the way, and an understanding of the imperfections of man’s technological development, in contrast to his endless spiritual possibilities, determined the direction of this path. The interaction of matter and field, the factor of information in the process of controlling these substances, this was the main direction of further research.

When the understanding of the impact of thin fields on the human body came, there was a desire to use these processes to restore and preserve his health. Chinese medicine was the closest to these processes. Therefore, together with a like-minded person, he opened the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. Using Chinese treatment practices, an apparatus was created that, by acting energetically on thin fields in an informational way, allows restoring human health even in the most severe cases.

Realizing that the future belongs to 3D printers and other methods of producing matter, ру paid great attention to the method of resonant wave action on metals and technologies for producing nanopowders. Working in this direction, he took part in the creation of a new waste processing technology using plasma. Work in these areas led to authorship of patents for several developments using new technologies.

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