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Bérengère Michel was born in 1968 in France. Yet, she has always considered herself as a citizen of our Mother-Earth, a cosmopolitan.

Convinced that communication and knowledge are the keys to building long-lasting peace, she got a master degree in linguistics and translation (English-French) and has always shown a great interest in learning, discovering and searching. She has taught for several years and helped her pupils and students gain back their self-confidence and develop their curiosity.

Moved by a profound spirituality, she has always tried to include in her teaching methods and her writing work caring, fair, true and loving values. This is indeed with the aim to diffuse them that she also writes novels and short stories for kids, teenagers and adults in order to touch their hearts and invite them to reflect upon existential questioning. Writing is a passion she fully devotes herself to.

Bérengère also works as a proofreader and translator for books, manuscripts whose contents help the readers raise and transcend their minds and spirits. She is always opened to new opportunities to write or translate work in line with her ethics. She is also very fond of art and tries through painting to diffuse what matters to her. Her work is indeed always the result of a deep meditation over some philosophical, metaphysical thinking, occultism and mythologies.

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