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Scientific biography

Academic degree in radio physics, including quantum radio physics. Degree in optics. Academic title of Associate professor in field of “Theory of electromagnetic field and creation of microwave devices”.

Author of more than fifty publications, more than thirty inventions with author’s certificate or patent.

For a long time he worked in a leading specialized institute in Russia in the field of radio engineering in electronics and automatics. In the institute he was engaged in scientific activity in the field of fiber optics, in particular in issues of excitation, transformation of electromagnetic fields and radiation of optical waveguides. During the researches new technologies were created and patents were obtained. The result of these researches and inventions was the creation of devices of effective transformation of fields and coding of optical information. He took an active part in the creation of a range of mobile holographic installations for the recording of holograms by radiation of optical waveguides.

A scope of practical application of the created device is the possibility of creating a unified system of marking and protection of goods for accounting and exclusion of counterfeits. Which finally allowed the creation of an effective consumer protection system. It became possible to develop and mark holographic labels of any kind of goods and all trade flows, which in principle excluded counterfeiting at any level.

For the practical implementation of these technologies and their introduction into the economy, he took the initiative and participated in the creation of a specialized concern “Russian protective technologies”, with creation of similar structures in Ukraine and Moldova. He was the General Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the named concern. During this time, the concern in 1999 and 2000 was recognized as the best in the world for protective holograms. The technologies for image encoding and hologram recordings developed by the concern under his leadership are still among the best in the world.

The concern applied the mentioned technologies of marking and protection in banking business (banknotes, security papers, etc.), protection of document flow (identity papers, financial and fiscal documents), especially important directions of accounting of goods, exclusion of counterfeits. He took an active part in the development of marking with use of magnetic and electromagnetic fields and devices based on them.

He was one of the founders of the European Security Alliance, headquartered in Munich. The alliance was created to unite European companies working in the field of security in the non-military sphere.

For four years he was a consultant for protective technologies of the company “SAMSUNG AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES”. Carried out selection of equipment, development of protective technologies on the profile of the company and training of specialists.

In the field of optics as result of a large amount of research work, he was the initiator and took an active part in the creation of holographic devices and installations of non-destructive interferometric control and measurements. These units allowed to study the forms of oscillations of turbine blades propulsion and attracted interest in the studying of existing and the creation of new propulsion devices for means of spatial movement.

Therefore, the past 18 years he has been actively engaged in research in this area. As result he developed and created a new design of the propeller blade and the air propeller itself. Patents on inventions have been obtained. The developed screw design allows up to four times increased traction compared to analogues. By creating a cumulative effect by the new screw, it is possible to increase the flow rate generated by this screw up to and beyond the one of the sound. This screw is intended for use on manned and unmanned vehicles in air, water and near the ground areas, as well as blower in fan and compressor systems.

The sphere of application of the new screw is closely related to the alternative energy, a next step in the applications of the new screw were researches in the field of alternative energy created by wind.

As result with the use of the new screw he created a rotor, the use of which allows three to four times increase the efficiency of the collection of wind power, and this in different forms. And the combination of screws in modular form allows to build wind dams with any given capacity. Thus the construction of the wind turbine, which depends on the given tasks, can be of different type from a pocket version to wind dams.

Today he is actively conducting researches in the field of heat generation without the use of heating elements and combustion of oxygen, as well as its accumulation and storage for a long period of time.

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