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Born in 1962 in the Soviet Union. At an early age, he showed an interest in spiritual practices. He received a law degree. In the course of his professional activity, he studied human psychology and formal logic in practice. For more than ten years he practiced law, until he came to the conclusion that he had walked this road to the end. Over the next fifteen years, he was engaged in business and administrative activities in various fields, where he gained the necessary experience. Knowledge about the functioning of a variety of human life support systems gave an understanding of the unity of all the diversity that surrounds Man. The acquired life experience and the desire to “know oneself” highlighted the subconscious mind, which showed that the world that is inside a person is much larger than the world around him.

At the age of 44, he was at the crossroads, where he chose the way that his subconscious pointed to. The chosen path gave him teachers and a mentor who initiated him into knowledge, the volume and depth of which for perception under normal conditions requires a lifetime. Since that time, a period of deep work began with an understanding of the place of Man in the universe, the unity and opposition of his spiritual and material essence, with the intellectual product of man and his influence on the development of our society.

The acquired knowledge and accumulated experience revealed consciousness and gave a holographic “vision” and a systematic view, which allowed him to see a Man, his community and nature in unity, as part of the universe. The desire to participate in the process that makes our world better and more beautiful, gave him an understanding of the path to follow.

We were born to walk the road of Love, Goodness and Beauty, where boundless heights of our development await us. On this path, we must not forget that we are all so different, and everyone chooses his own way to the top. And it is vitally important that every step we take is in peace and harmony with ourselves and the most beautiful creation for us – our planet Earth.

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